Spice up your life by daring to love it

Such an amazing feeling to fall in love with life and send out warmth through your smile and words, mesmerizing people with that blissful mood. Have you noticed? Every time you are depressed, nobody seems to give a damn, which makes you fall deeper into self-pity and despair. Yet once you find your glow again, relishing every second, you start rebuilding the social synapses around you. Friends and colleagues enjoy your presence as if everybody wanted to catch this ‘virus’. A virus which, paradoxically, heals. An antidote to an uncherished and spiritless life spent in a hamster wheel.

When you’re in love with life, you are free, radiant, displaying vibrant youth despite your age. You sink avidly into the present and get the best out of it, chasing your dreams wholeheartedly. Having solved your own puzzle, you listen selflessly to others, showing genuine kindness. All your relationships flow smoothly. Your mood is no longer a response, it is the trigger. You become the mood-setter, bypassing negativity even though it revolves all around you. But before you say: “come on, drop the slushy preaching”, let’s get to the point: How do you fall in love with life?

Start with acknowledging yourself. Yes, become aware that You exist. Not “you” – the devoted mother, the (dis)loyal spouse, the successful entrepreneur…No. You: the ageless spirit, the meaningful smile, the unique person mastering these unique thoughts and living this God-given life. You, with your fears that make you human. With your vulnerable sides, with your childish denial of everything you don’t like about you, with your little sins criticized in others but which comfortably find home in yourself. You. With everything you’ve ever felt, with your crazy mind which is the master of paradox, with your vibrant heart every time you hear your favorite song at the radio, with your own truth.

Once you make peace with yourself and achieve self-worth, you spill a serene tenderness over the whole world, including the background where your life unfolds. And this comes back multiplied – like a returning boomerang. It’s said you shall love your neighbor as you love yourself. Yet love, in all its forms, is nothing more than a reflection of love for the inner self and for its Creator. Imagine a big lightbulb within. Everything you see, feel and encounter on your path is entirely dependent on how far that light can go. A Japanese proverb says the sun doesn’t know who is right or wrong, it just shines and gives light to all. So reclaim your spark and let it shine onto others!

And if you still think that love is just a cliché or a generic term which makes you roll your eyes, feel free to replace it with refreshed joy, sheer enthusiasm, openness to enjoy the little things around you, detachment from any negative trifle, inner balance, authenticity, strength to overcome any obstacle, childlike faith that moves mountains. It’s the spice that gives flavor to your life. So start loving your life and live it to the fullest!